7 Year Flood - Jan 1st 2020

7 Year Flood - Spintuition's 1st album


Spintuition is a young, thriving, award-winning folk trio based in New England.

For the past couple of years, Spintuition has been adding more and more shows. With our album coming out, 2020 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet!



New shows are being added regularly! Check back for locations near you.

Previous events

Date Event Location
Spintuition @ The Belfast Contradance  
Spintuition @ The Portland Contradance  
 —  — Spintuition as Hostband for Young Traditions Vermont Festival Burlington VT Burlington VT
Spintuition @ The Westford Music Series  
Peterborough NH Contra Dance  
Spintuition Concert/Dance at Mettabee Mettabee Farms, Hillsdale, NY Mettabee Farms, Hillsdale, NY
Spintuition Mount Hollywood Studios Mount Hollywood Studios
Spintuition @ Folknight Richmond  
Spintuition @ The Russellville Schoolhouse 18 Crown Point Road, Shrewsbury, VT 05738 18 Crown Point Road, Shrewsbury, VT 05738
CDNY Contra dance  
NYC Village Contra Dance  
Montreal Contra Dance  
Ottawa Contra Dance  
Spintuition @ Radio Bean Radio Bean, Burlington Radio Bean, Burlington
New World Festival Randolf, VT Randolf, VT
 —  — Village Harmony Reunion Weekend Windridge Camp Windridge Camp

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